Emma found the process of makeup application extremely therapeutic during a challenging period of her life. The ability to accomplish the completion of a simple task such as, the application of makeup, from beginning to end contributed to the growth of her self esteem. This marked the day that she gave birth to her brave inner self. It was then, that she became aware of the relationship between art and therapy.

Emma grew a great determination to aid others who also experience troublesome periods of their lives with the hope to develop their confidence and encourage wellness to overcome their struggle. Through art therapy, through Brave Face UK.

Emma founded her social enterprise Brave Face UK Foundation. Her mission continues to encourage “Wellness. Through Beauty. Through Brave Face UK”. As a result, a fraction of the funds made from her makeup artistry services and beauty treatments are donated to her social enterprise.

Brave Face UK Foundation uses 100% of the proceeds to offer complimentary beauty therapy sessions to empower and encourage individuals dealing hardship. Emma continues to work with people who are mentally/ terminally ill, injured, disabled and previously been incarcerated.

She continues to sponsor The Feel Good Community charity, to support mothers who experience Postnatal Depression. Emma has enjoyed talking to the ladies about their experiences with motherhood and noticed a great boost in their confidence since receiving the makeovers, has been a great blessing to witness!

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Certified Mental Health First Aider